The Jack Di Salvo Leadership Scholarship


The Jack Di Salvo "Leadership" Scholarship is awarded to student athletes who demonstrate strong athletic abilities and leadership skills, while also ensuring that they maintain high academic performance. These young leaders are fueled by the motivation and determination to consistently work towards bettering themselves and their teams to improve as individual students, athletes and local citizens.

The scholarship serves as an economic motivation to encourage young athletes to continue pursuing their educational goals and ultimately become future leaders in their communities both on and off the field.

Jack Di Salvo Cancer Awareness Program


The Jack Di Salvo Cancer Awareness Program works closely with local hospitals, healthcare organizations, leading doctors as well as other wellness related charities to help provide resources to patients and the families of patients who are facing a cancer diagnosis. Diagnosed at the age of 67, Jack Di Salvo's battle with cancer is commemorated through this program.

Donations made towards key research initiatives and patient care can help lead to innovative treatments, early detection, faster cures, new discoveries, and compassionate quality-of-life programs that provide hope to patients and their families.





The Jack DiSalvo Foundation provides scholarship funds and other community resources essential to the growth and development of adolescents in the greater tri-state area, while also focusing on supporting and advancing cancer research, awareness and prevention in both children and adults.


But above all, we remain committed to the principles Jack DiSalvo stood for throughout his life.








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Educational Scholarships are awarded to student athletes who demonstrate strong athletic abilities as well as academic excellence and are fueled by the motivation and determination to succeed.


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